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Chief Creative Officer, Grey Canada | Global Executive Creative Director, Grey Global
Member of the Grey Global Creative Council

I was born in Milan to an Italian theater actress and a Spanish cartoonist. My mom often acted as a self-appointed creative director at home, killing my dad’s less accomplished cartoons during impromptu dinner “check-ins.” The fights that ensued Taught me the turbulent nature of the creative process from an early age. 

However, that didn’t deter me from attending Sarah Lawrence College in New York and majoring in Literature/Writing. After graduation, I worked as an investigative journalist in Madrid. A couple of years later, I switched to advertising, eventually becoming the Global Creative Director for Santander Bank at Ogilvy.

In 2013 I was appointed Deputy CCO of independent Peruvian shop Circus, which was in the process of being acquired by Grey. Over the following three years, Circus Grey went from being a dominant local player to becoming one of the most successful agencies in the region, winning critical accounts and pulling off the biggest Cannes win in the history of Peruvian advertising. 

Those years deeply influenced how I lead creative teams today. We were a tight-knit group of diverse, like-minded people who behaved more like friends than coworkers, putting creativity at the center of everything we did.  

By the time I relocated to Bogota in 2016 to lead Grey Colombia, the path to creative prosperity seemed much more apparent than in 2013. My seat at the Grey Global Creative Council meant I was connected to the Brightest minds in the network. And I had already made all the mistakes europeans inevitably make when they first arrive in Latin America. 

In a huge collective push by top creatives from the Bogota and Medellin offices, Grey Colombia won two crucial regional accounts: Uber and Conmebol, the South American branch of FIFA. a turnaround that culminated with the first-ever Colombian Grand Prix at Cannes Lions 2017. 

I currently run global accounts out New York, and I’ve recently taken on the added responsibility of LEADING Grey Canada. This dual role puts me in a unique position to leverage talent from both sides of the border to execute projects like Gillette ‘First Shave,’ but also allows me to pull resources from offices worldwide to orchestrate campaigns like ‘nature represented’ or lead multi-agency WPP bespoke teams on new business pitches in Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North America.

I work with creatives from New York, Toronto, and Montreal and with CCOs and ECDs from far-flung offices just like I did in Lima: Shaping teams of diverse, like-minded friends who share one core belief—that creativity is a driver of growth and happiness.